Betalingsregeling in het Engels


[Gegevens afzender]
De Vries Logistics B.V.
Ruiterweg 123
1111 AA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Telephone: 033-2211221

Amsterdam, 17 March 2011

[Gegevens ontvanger]
Ms T. Smith
57 Queen Elizabeth Street
United Kingdom

Dear Ms Smith,

Re.: Payment arrangement 

With reference to our telephone conversation on [datum], we would like to confirm the following:

  • The claim acknowledged by you currently amounts to [bedrag] euro.
  • We are in agreement with your proposal (you do not have to pay additional charges)
  • You will pay the outstanding amount in consecutive monthly instalments:
    • The first instalment of minimum [bedrag] euro will be made before [datum]
    • The second instalment of minimum [bedrag] euro will be made before [datum]
    • The third instalment of minimum [bedrag] euro will be made before [datum]
  • Payments must have been received in bank account [rekeningnummer], in the name of [naam], stating [referentienummer] by the due date, at the latest.

If this payment arrangement is not followed exactly then the entire outstanding balance immediately becomes due. Should any of the payments fail to be made we will pass the claim onto a debt recovery agency. The high recovery costs that will subsequently be applied are to be paid by you.

I trust we have provided you with sufficient information. 

Yours sincerely,


Wim de Vries
Finance manager 
De Vries Logistics B.V.

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