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[Gegevens afzender]
De Vries Logistics B.V.
Ruiterweg 123
1111 AA  Utrecht
The Netherlands
Telephone: 033-2211221

Amsterdam, 17 March 2011

[Gegevens ontvanger]
Mr J. Smith
57 Queen Elizabeth Street
United Kingdom

Dear Mr Smith

Re.: Quote

Subsequent to our telephone conversation on [datum], I hereby send you my quote.

The work will include [omschrijving]. My hourly rate is [bedrag]. In total, the costs amount to [totaalprijs]. As agreed, the latest delivery date is [datum].

If you are in agreement, could you please return the signed quote to me by return of post.

Kind regards,


Wim de Vries
Finance manager 
De Vries Logistics B.V.


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