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[Gegevens afzender]
De Vries Logistics B.V.
Ruiterweg 123
1111 AA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Telephone: 033-2211221
E-mail: w.devries@dvlog.nl

Amsterdam, 17 March 2011

[Gegevens ontvanger]
Mr J. Smith
57 Queen Elizabeth Street
United Kingdom

Dear Mr Smith,

Re.: Payment reminder
Invoice: 337854-9203
Amount: £1,179.80

Our administration shows that the aforementioned invoice has not yet been paid. The payment period for our invoices is 30 days. This period has already been exceeded.

We, therefore, kindly request that you transfer the outstanding invoice amount to our bank account [rekening nr.] within 14 days from today.

If this correspondence and your payment have crossed one another then please regard this reminder as not having been sent.

Yours sincerely,


Wim de Vries
Finance manager 
De Vries Logistics B.V.

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